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The majority of food companies add natural flavours in their products. Whether or not these added flavours are harmless, we unfortunately do not know. The Environmental Working Group reports that natural flavours are chemical mixtures often more complex than artificial flavours. They state that "natural flavours still contain solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives which are lumped into the category of "incidental additives" and are not required to be disclosed by food manufacturers" [1-3]. 

We created Seedling to offer a product free from unknown and misleading substances. Our products are made with nothing more than just a few high quality, naturally sourced real ingredients, clearly listed on their labels. All what you need to sustain a healthy diet.

The majority of plant-based protein powders contain measurable levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury, often above health-based guidelines. As heavy metals are naturally present in the soil, it would be very difficult to create a system where protein powders contained absolutely no traces of them. It is, however, each and every company’s responsibility to check on their products and make sure that they do not have the potential to cause any harm. According to the non-profit organisation Clean Label Project, as well as others such as the Ellipse Analytics in Denver, there are only a few very clean protein supplements in the market, and this certainly proves, to the companies with high levels of heavy metals, that it is possible to do better [4-7].

Our priority is to cherish your wellbeing and health. To do so, we have double tested our final products for heavy metals. We are proud and confident to claim that our protein powders are very clean and safe to consume on a daily basis.



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