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Reusable Wooden Scoop

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We substituted conventional plastic scoops with wooden scoops as they are relatively more environmentally friendly.

Although technically recyclable, most of the conventional plastic is not accepted by recycling centres because not cost-efficient. This plastic ends up in landfills, where it can take up to 100 years to begin breaking down. Wooden scoops are a great substitute as they can start composting right in your backyard pile in as few as 90 days! Even in case wooden scoops end up in the wrong place, such as the oceans, they will not even closely emit as much methane and other contaminants as their plastic counterparts.     

Bear in mind that wooden scoops still require trees to be cut down for production so we urge you re-use the scoops to get less carbon for your footprint and more bang for your buck! 🌱